About the company

Bodies for special vehicles, Roadside assistance vehicles,
Bodies for tow trucks

Zabudowy pojazdów specjalnych, zabudowy autolawet. Przykładowa zabudowa.

MAGOOT Sp. z o.o. is a company operating in the automotive industry. We specialise in the production of special bodies and structures on truck chassis. We mainly produce bodies for road rescue or roadside assistance services – bodies for roadside assistance vehicles, tow trucks, special vehicles. We also manufacture bodies for transporting all types of cars, lorries, construction and agricultural machinery.


The bodies are manufactured by our qualified personnel, divided into several main departments, i.e .:

– Design and implementation,

-  Steel structure welding,

-  Hydraulic systems,

- Electric,

- Paint shop,

- Assembly.


We have our own design office and all our vehicle bodies are designed using CAD software (3D modelling), thanks to which our products are repeatable and we are able to reconstruct all parts and details of a given body.


We equip our chassis with well-tried components from reputable manufacturers, i.e.

– VIME , COMEUP (hydraulic winches)

– TELE-RADIO (radio control)

– STROBOS (warning lighting)

– WAŚ (lighting)

– BAWER , DAKEN (boxes and accessories)


When producing vehicle bodies, there are two main objectives that must be met:



We pay a lot of attention to ensure that all bodies are manufactured in compliance with the steel construction production technology, but also that they are practical and aesthetic, because these aspects do not exclude each other. Our structures are used in Poland and throughout the European Union, which proves that many of our customers have trusted us and they can successfully do their work.


We look forward to do business with you - together we will create a perfect car for you!

Zabudowy autolawet, pojazdów specjalnych i pomocy drogowej. Przykładowa zabudowa



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